First shots from my new Canon sx40





Bing’s Social Search

Giving Bing’s social search a go. At first I was skeptical that it was going to simply publish everything I searched for online. That would not be cool. But it seems that is not the case.  You search for something and it asks you if you want to ask your friends. So you post a question and it appears on your wall.  However, then your friends must have to visit your wall to see it, so I am not sure how useful this will be. Also, we really don’t search this way. When we input our search terms we expect instant and hopefully relevant results. I think M$ is just trying something different to set itself apart from Google. Otherwise, it’s just Search.

Comcast Switches to Usage-Based Broadband Billing – Peter Kafka – Media – AllThingsD

If Netflix didn’t like Comcast’s stance on Net Neutrality, they are really going to hate this as this may make Netflix (or Hulu, YouTube and any other video service) usage more expensive.

Comcast Switches to Usage-Based Broadband Billing – Peter Kafka – Media – AllThingsD.

YouTube is going the way of TV

Just saw a report that political ads will be attached to the front of YouTube videos. Great! Has anyone ever been persuaded to vote for or against a candidate based on a tv ad? I think they are the biggest waste of the taxpayers dollars.

GM to Stop Advertising on Facebook –

Not surprised. I rarely click on a FaceBook ad. However, clicking on an ad in Google is something I have done a lot. It just seems more natural to click on an ad that is at least related to what you are searching for.

GM to Stop Advertising on Facebook –

This is why I went back to a Point and Shoot camera

Wow!!! How many pictures would you have to sell to justify this baby to the wife?  That makes the Microsoft Surface I was looking at earlier seem like a bargain. This lens is so big that you mount the lens on the tripod and your camera just hangs on the back. I am sure it takes beautiful shots but …. Wow!

I recently purchased a Canon sx40 HS camera. $350. It is much lighter than my DSLR. Has Image Stabilization, better zoom, higher megapixels, shoots video. In some cases the pictures may not be as good and in other cases they should be even better. Of course, my current DSLR (Rebel XT) is about 6 years old. To get the same features on a comparable DSLR would probably cost me several thousand dollars. I just found that lugging a DSLR around took the fun out of it. I wanted a camera that was as much fun to use as my iPhone is,  but takes better shots. I think this one will do the trick at least I hope so. It is going to get a good workout when I go out to Las Vegas  in June.

How to harden your smartphone against stalkers—iPhone edition | Ars Technica

There is some good advice here. Your Apple account is becoming more valuable by the day. After the bank it may be my most important account.

How to harden your smartphone against stalkers—iPhone edition |Ars Technica.

What was their first clue?


I was searching for a good NASCAR app and came across this app. Almost every person who reviewed this app gave it 1 star and left comments like “total ripoff” and “complete fraud”.

Perhaps if they had read the apps description they may have noticed the rather creative spelling of the word “physics”.

That and the name of the company who created this app was listed as Sex Pretty Asian, LLC.