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Facebook Camera hands-on — Engadget

Good review of the new Facebook camera app. My only problem with it, is the name. When you install it, it just says Camera as the name. We already have an app with that name. It seems a little arrogant of FB to imply that this is your default camera app.

Facebook Camera hands-on — Engadget.

Introducing Facebook Camera – Facebook Newsroom

I don’t get it. FB paid a MILLION $$$$ to acquire Instagram only to kill it with their own app. Unreal.

Introducing Facebook Camera – Facebook Newsroom.

I just downloaded the app and it is great for posting a bunch of shots at one time. You can use the built in camera, but the real plus is how it hooks into your camera roll.  You just tag the ones you want to upload, add a description and you are done.

It has some lame filters on it that I will probably never use, but then I rarely used the filters on Instagram either. It also is a great way to browse only the pictures in your stream.  If you have groups set up it also has some nice controls over who gets to see your photos.


YouTube is going the way of TV

Just saw a report that political ads will be attached to the front of YouTube videos. Great! Has anyone ever been persuaded to vote for or against a candidate based on a tv ad? I think they are the biggest waste of the taxpayers dollars.

Mom Uses Facebook to Epically Put Her 13-Year-Old Daughter in Check [VIDEO]

I think the saying “Praise in public and criticize in private” applies here as well. Shouldn’t we be correcting bad behavior and not imitating it? I think public ridicule of anyone on FB or any other social media is in bad taste and tends to reflect badly on the person who posted the comment. 

Mom Uses Facebook to Epically Put Her 13-Year-Old Daughter in Check [VIDEO].