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Apple iPad mini appears in Media Markt inventory in cellular and WiFi flavors, €250-650 price range — Engadget.

Apple should just start selling the damn thing and dispense with the announcement. There are no surprises left. There is nothing left to reveal. The iPhone 5 was the most completely leaked device I have ever seen. By the time they announced it is was a big yawn, tell me something I don’t already know, moment.

Part of me wants to believe that this device only exists on Johnny Ive’s desk. Wouldn’t it be great if Apple is behind all of these rumors just so they could poison the rumor mill just to keep people guessing the next time Apple releases something.

I doubt it is just a rumor, tho. I do think it will happen. Latest announcement date is October 23rd which means there should be some sort of cryptic invitation sent out any day now just as there was for the iPhone 5. As I said before, I will believe it when I see it in Tim Cook’s hand.

10/16/12: Apple indeed did send out invitations titled “We’ve got a little more to show you.” Emphasis on the word ‘little’.  The announcement will indeed be on the 23rd

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Is my iPhone really dead? How to reset your iPhone.

The same thing happened twice last week to my wife and my boss. They both complained that their iPhones were dead. I asked them what happened to it and both of them said basically the same thing. “It just died”. Didn’t drop it. It didn’t take a swim. It’s just dead. They tried charging it and hit the on button expecting to see the familiar Apple logo, but nothing.

What to do?

The phone looked like it had no power as the screen was completely black, and pressing buttons did nothing. Holding down the start button up top did nothing. Problem was, their phones were not really off (and they weren’t dead), they were simply hung or stuck. Sometimes, just like a computer, the only solution is to reboot the device. To do so, hold BOTH the start button AND the home button together and within a few seconds the Apple logo will appear and once fully booted, you should be good to go. This should work on any IOS device including iPads and iPod Touches.