iPhone App Reviews by the Experts at Macworld | Macworld

When I buy an app from the App Store, I usually read some of the recent reviews to see if the app is worth purchasing. I even do this for free apps because I don’t want to waste my time if it doesn’t work. The problem with these reviews is that they are often very poorly written, with little or no thought to spelling and/or punctuation and quite often are really not a review of the app but are the first impressions of the person who downloaded it. Generally I will toss out the best and worst reviews and concentrate on the 2 to 4 star reviews. I have seen plenty of times where the “reviewer” will give an app one star just because they failed to use the app properly.  I particularly hate the reviews that rate the app one star because it doesn’t do a particular feature that it never claimed to do but the reviewer apparently thought it did or should do.

If you are looking for an app and want a professional review of  it, you should look here. These are written by Macworld writers who know how to judge an app on it’s merits an not the personal feelings of the individual.

iPhone App Reviews by the Experts at Macworld | Macworld.

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