How do you get rid of a timeshare?

I have been reading up on this lately as we need to get rid of one that my mother-in-law owned. She passed away but the timeshare lives on and from what I am reading, they seem to be hard to get rid of. Below is a CNN article on the matter.

How to sell a vacation time share. – Sep. 13, 2010.

They say you could sell them, but when you look on Craigslist or Ebay you see tons of them. You can’t even donate them because the charity you are trying to donate them to has to try and sell it and most of them are worth little.

I don’t know why people want to buy these things anyway. We got sucked into a sales presentation last year when we were in Vegas. You would not believe the high pressure sales tactics they employ all to stay in third rate properties. I have stayed in a few timeshare properties and most of them were awful.

And it just gets worse:

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