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Fear and Loathing and Windows 8

Yes, be afraid. Be very afraid. Windows 8 is coming (later this year) and unless you like learning something almost entirely new, you are going to hate it.

Fortunately, there should be at least a year of being able to choose which OS you want on your new computer if you buy it online.

This is an excellent article that does a nice job articulating where all the pain points are going to be in adopting this new OS.

As an IT administrator, having to adopt this scares the &*$%$ out of me and I will definitely be putting off any upgrade as long as I possibly can or until M$ comes to their senses.

Mobile Opportunity: Fear and Loathing and Windows 8.

Facebook Camera hands-on — Engadget

Good review of the new Facebook camera app. My only problem with it, is the name. When you install it, it just says Camera as the name. We already have an app with that name. It seems a little arrogant of FB to imply that this is your default camera app.

Facebook Camera hands-on — Engadget.

Introducing Facebook Camera – Facebook Newsroom

I don’t get it. FB paid a MILLION $$$$ to acquire Instagram only to kill it with their own app. Unreal.

Introducing Facebook Camera – Facebook Newsroom.

I just downloaded the app and it is great for posting a bunch of shots at one time. You can use the built in camera, but the real plus is how it hooks into your camera roll.  You just tag the ones you want to upload, add a description and you are done.

It has some lame filters on it that I will probably never use, but then I rarely used the filters on Instagram either. It also is a great way to browse only the pictures in your stream.  If you have groups set up it also has some nice controls over who gets to see your photos.


TiVo streaming coming to iOS this summer | ZDNet

Something (my wife) tells me I am going to have to go out and get this as soon as it is available. TiVo streaming coming to iOS this summer | ZDNet.

While you could always get a SlingBox, this seems like a more elegant solution.

This Just In: 3-D Isn’t a “Crucial” Television Feature – Lauren Goode – Product News – AllThingsD

A good reason for buying a 3D set is that it makes 2D TV content look better. That is because the processor behind a 3D set has to be better (to support all the 3D content) That processor makes your 2D content look better.

This Just In: 3-D Isn’t a “Crucial” Television Feature – Lauren Goode – Product News – AllThingsD.


Forced to fly solo, even on family vacations –

The airlines are killing their own industry. It gets more and more difficult to fly each year. They overbook, they charge luggage fees and now this nonsense. People will simply just stop flying as the aggravation is just not worth it.

Forced to fly solo, even on family vacations –

Bing’s Social Search

Giving Bing’s social search a go. At first I was skeptical that it was going to simply publish everything I searched for online. That would not be cool. But it seems that is not the case.  You search for something and it asks you if you want to ask your friends. So you post a question and it appears on your wall.  However, then your friends must have to visit your wall to see it, so I am not sure how useful this will be. Also, we really don’t search this way. When we input our search terms we expect instant and hopefully relevant results. I think M$ is just trying something different to set itself apart from Google. Otherwise, it’s just Search.

Comcast Switches to Usage-Based Broadband Billing – Peter Kafka – Media – AllThingsD

If Netflix didn’t like Comcast’s stance on Net Neutrality, they are really going to hate this as this may make Netflix (or Hulu, YouTube and any other video service) usage more expensive.

Comcast Switches to Usage-Based Broadband Billing – Peter Kafka – Media – AllThingsD.

YouTube is going the way of TV

Just saw a report that political ads will be attached to the front of YouTube videos. Great! Has anyone ever been persuaded to vote for or against a candidate based on a tv ad? I think they are the biggest waste of the taxpayers dollars.